Just over 75% of likely voters oppose publishing the home addresses of the conservative Supreme Court justices and are against calling for protests at the justices’ homes by pro-abortion activists, according to a new poll by the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group.

The poll released Tuesday, breaks down like this:

  • 75.8% are against publishing the addresses and protesting at the conservative justices’ homes, compared to 15.9% who are in favor of it. Just over 8% are unsure.


  • 86.5% of Republicans oppose it, while 7.9% favor it. Over 5% are unsure.


  • 66.6% of Democrats are against it, compared to 21.4% who favor it. Another 12% are uncertain.


  • 75.1% of independents are opposed to it, while 18.5% favor it. Just 6.5% were unsure.

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  • 52.3% of likely voters believe the Biden administration’s refusal to publicly condemn the abortion activists who published the home addresses the conservative justices and who called for protests at those homes will encourage protests to become unlawful or violent.


  • About 27.5% say it will have no impact on protests. Just 10% say it would discourage protests from becoming unlawful or violent. Just over 10% were unsure.

“These numbers make it clear that the Biden Administration’s refusal — both to forcefully condemn these illegal demonstrations and to enforce laws protecting Justices of the United States Supreme Court — is wildly unpopular with voters,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action.

The survey, conducted May 6-8, polled 1,082 people. The margin of error is 2.99%.

Source: Newsmax.com

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